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Organic Soyabean Seeds

We provide Non GMO Organic Soybean that is mainly used for Human Consumption and also for livestock and cattle food.

High on protein, soya bean is one of the largely produced crops in India and one of the widely consumed foods in the world. Argentina, Brazil, USA, China and India are the major producers of soya bean. Nutritionally it contains 44-50 % of protein, carbohydrates and fibre fats.


  • Rich in protein
  • helps in weight loss
  • reduce in chances of heart attack
Packaging 1.PP BAG packing with 25kg/50kg net.
2.In bulk with container liner
Container Load 20-21MT in 20FT Container
Usage For animal feed & directly as food
Oil 18-20%
Moisture 8-12%
Protein 36-40%
Crude Fiber 3-4 %
U/a (Mgn) 1.50-2%
Shelf Life 18 months from processed date
Foreign Material 0-2 %
Purity Minimum 99%
Damage 0-2 %
Small 5-10 %