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Project Description

Double boiled linseed oil

Raw Linseed oil is heated and air is blown to produce Double Boiled Linseed Oil. Heating the oil causes it to polymerize and oxidize, effectively making it thicker and shortening its drying time. It dries more completely and quickly and forms a film on the surface.

Double Boiled Linseed oil is dark amber coloured oil having a distinctively sharp smell. This oil is mainly used indoors. It is very water resistant, and also a rust inhibitor. It has a high viscosity when compared to Raw Linseed oil.

It is used in the paint industry as it dries much faster than Raw Linseed Oil, in the construction industry in concrete, earthen floors and as additive to glazing putty, as a wood preservative and in the maintenance of wooden articles and tools, as an alternative to solvent-based products designed for sealing, polishing, waxing, varnishing and finishing, in the sports goods industry in the maintenance of sports equipment like Skis, Cricket bats, Baseball bats, Hockey sticks, Archery equipment and Croquet Mallets. Moreover it also finds its use in industrial lubricants, sealants and Printing ink resins among other uses.

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